Worldview (2001)

Urban installation creating real-time windows around the world

Worldview is an urban installation for tourists, created in collaboration with Josephine Pletts, that enables people to record their public space experiences with both an instant-print postcard and a video clip, while looking through realtime windows into public spaces in other cities. Funded by the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea.

Worldview installed at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, 2001

Designed as an urban attractor, the device has two faces - a "mirror" side that encourages people to 'play' and a "window" side that connects in realtime to Worldview locations in other cities around the planet.

Worldview interaction diagram

Worldview encourages the use of technology in a playful and novel manner and suggests answer to three questions - what would be the experience of encountering the similarities and differences of people and places around the world? What would be the impact on the urban context of placing and linking these devices? And finally, is it possible to capture a sense of "place" in a way that a visitor will find delightful and engaging?

Worldview installed at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, 2001

Worldview website and postcard, 2001