EnvironmentXML is no longer maintained.
It has been deprecated in favour of EEML (Extended Environments Markup Language).
A new Processing library is available for EEML
and existing EnvironmentXML feeds can be translated into EEML by subsituting '/xml/' with '/eeml/' in feed URLs
(e.g. 'http://haque.co.uk/environmentxml/live/eeml/79.xml').

environmentXML datastreams

127: Remote chair in Second Life added: Wed, 30 Nov -001 00:00:00 +0000 by anonymous  
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Remote connects together two spaces, one in Boston the other in Second Life, and treats them as a single contiguous environment, bound together by the internet so that things that occur in one space affect things that happen in the other and vice versa, remotely controlling each other. Communication between the two halves of this extended environment is a complex choreography coupling the environmental phenomena of humidity, temperature, light, speech, mist, wind, sound and proximity across the two.

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