The domain of architecture has been transformed by developments in interaction research, wearable computing, mobile connectivity, people-centered design, contextual awareness, RFID systems and ubiquitous computing. These technologies alter our understanding of space and change the way we relate to each other. We no longer think of architecture as static and immutable; instead we see it as dynamic, responsive and conversant. Our projects explore some of this territory.

Principal projects (current):
Marling, by Usman HaqueMarling
In Marling the voices of citizens are given form through spectacular effects that hang in the air above the crowd, forming a delicate, intricate ceiling of animated colour.

November 2012

DIY City 0.01a, by Usman HaqueDIY City 0.01a
An early-stage prototype for a future mass-participation installation in which people reimagine and redesign in realtime the spaces of their city.
[With Special Moves].

June 2012

Another Life, by Usman HaqueAnother Life
One of Europe's largest permanent interactive public artworks, installed in the heart of Bradford, England, the project brings City Park to life and plays on the idea of urban myths by controlling fountains, mist makers, ambient lighting and multiple RGB lasers that draw unexpected dancing patterns of light on and around visitors in response to their movements through it.

March 2012

Flightpath Toronto by Usman Haque and Natalie JeremijenkoFlightpath Toronto
A mass-participation spectacle inviting citizens to rediscover the possibilities and wonder of urban flight, with interactive lasers & flying members of the public. For Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2011.
[with Natalie Jeremijenko].

October 2011

Natural FuseNatural Fuse
Natural Fuse harnesses the carbon-sinking capabilities of plants to create a city-wide network of electronically-assisted plants that act both as energy providers and as shared "carbon sink" circuit breakers.

August 2008-ongoing

Principal projects (completed):

Primal SourcePrimal Source
An all-night mirage-like performance/installation is brought to life on Santa Monica beach through the voices, sounds and music created by festival-goers.

March 2008-July 2008

Huey-Dewey-Louie Climate ClockHuey-Dewey-Louie Climate Clock
A proposed self-building landscape that measures and tracks climate change, both local and global, over the course of the next 100 years.
[With Robert Davis, Goldsmiths College, London].

May 2008-January 2012

A web platform for building internet-connected devices, buildings and environments, which enables you to store, share & discover realtime sensor, energy and environmental data.

March 2007-July 2011

Reconfigurable HouseReconfigurable House
A House constructed from thousands of low tech sensor/actuators that can be "reconfigured" by its occupants.
[With Adam Somlai-Fischer & the Reorient team].

February 2007-July 2008

Participants come together to compose, assemble and control an immense 'wall' of illuminated balloons constructed from a set of modular and configurable components.

February 2006-February 2010

Evolving Sonic EnvironmentEvolving Sonic Environment
An architectural experiment to construct an interactive environment that builds up an internal representation of its occupants through a network of autonomous but communicative sensors.
[With Robert Davis, Goldsmiths College, London].

November 2005-December 2007

Two spaces, one in Boston the other in Second Life, bound together by the internet so that things that occur in one space affect things that happen in the other and vice versa.

February 2008-April 2008

A massive projection, generated by the collective sounds of the public, that lights up the facade of York Minster.

October 2007-November 2007

sky earSky Ear
A floating glowing cloud, embedded with mobile phones, listens out for electromagnetic waves in the sky.
[project info] [event info].

July 2003-January 2006

Using humidity, temperatures and electromagnetic and sonic frequencies that parapsychologists have associated with haunted spaces to build an environment that feels "haunted".

October 2004-October 2005

scents of spaceScents of Space
An interactive smell system that allows for three-dimensional placement of fragrances without dispersion (funded by a Wellcome Trust Sciart Award).
[Pletts Haque / Dr. L Turin]

May 2002-December 2002


Worldview is an urban installation for tourists, enabling them to record their experience with both an instant-print postcard and a video clip and look through realtime windows into public spaces in other cities. [Pletts Haque]

June 2001-October 2001

urbanconstellationsUrban Constellations
Ultrabright solar-powered flashing devices are placed around a town, so that when viewed at night from a particular window in a building they appear as a constellation.

August 2000-October 2000

moodymushroomfloorMoody Mushroom Floor
A smell/sound/light floor that develops moods and aspirations in response to the ways that people react to the invidual outputs.


Auxiliary projects
Addicted ToastersAddicted Toasters
Toasters, connected to each other via the internet, that love to be used and get jealous of other toasters that are more appreciated.
October 2011 - ongoing

Miscommunications No. 6Miscommunications No. 6
Part acoustic installation, part architectural conceit, and part hertzian peformance, M6 inhabits a museum, a supposedly public space, by overlaying several dozen radio-linked microphone/speaker units, each of which is connected, and broadcasting, to one other unit within the museum.
October 2010 - ongoing

A collection of small reactive devices that float in a lake, evolve their behaviour organically in response to specific site conditions including the local bird population, insects in and around the water and human interaction. [With Robert Davis, Goldsmiths College, London].
January 2009

extended environments markup languageScattered House
A low-tech networked structure demonstrates the implications of designing environments in the context of family diasporas and ubiquitous networked connectivity.
July 2008

extended environments markup languageEEML
Extended Environments Markup Language is a protocol for sharing real time sensor data between remote environments, both physical and virtual.
March 2007-ongoing

wifi cameraWifi Camera
An experiment with Adam Somlai-Fischer and Bengt Sjolen to reveal the electromagnetic "view" of 2.4GHz (that analogises the way that a traditional camera obscura works with visible light).
June 2006-ongoing

lowtechLow Tech
Prototype research for a suite of low-tech sensors and interactive actuators that can be produced inexpensively from hacked toys and devices. Final report here & wiki for other contributions here.
[With Adam Somlai-Fischer].
August 2004 - ongoing

environmentxmlEnvironment XML
Environment XML is deprecated in favour of Extended Environments Markup Language.
January 2006-December 2007

wifi cameraProject Unspecified
Members of the public came together to design, construct and inhabit a temporary inflatable structure, sited in Washington Square Park, New York City.
April 30, 2007

bricksOpen Source Arch Expt
Architecture as an 'operating system' enables people to create architectural 'programs'. This experiment in collaboration explores how such a system benefits from open source tactics.
November 2003-December 2007

furufuriFuru furi
Experiments with dynamic structures to produce physical output from an mp3 player.
August 2006

configurable t-shirtConfigurable T-shirt
A t-shirt for which the wearer configures the design on the front. A matrix of hexagonal pixels is provided that can be coloured in with a black felt-tip pen in order to turn them "off".
May 2006

anexample06An Example 06 (an homage to Jim Campbell's homage to Heisenberg)
A collection of video projections, remote control cars, lasers and cats...
[With Ai Hasegawa].
January 2006-February 2006

A mobile projection system for creating responsive visual environments in public spaces (with funding from London Arts).
September 2003-September 2004

reflected reflectionsReflected Reflections
An interactive shop window installation, exhibited at Plymouth Arts Centre as part of Architecture Week 2002.
May 2002-June 2002

engagingbussheltersEngaging Bus Shelters
Interaction design elements for London's Bus Shelters commissioned by Richard Rogers Partnership.
August 2001-October 2001

infinitumadnauseamInfinitum Ad Nauseam
An interactive audio/video projection system for choreographed and improvised dance performances, exhibited at the Tokyo Metrolpolitan Museum of Photography and the Hillside Gallery, Tokyo.
November 2000-December 2000

japanesewhispersJapanese Whispers
An experiment into the way information is changed by being digitally processed and transmitted through electromagnetic space using feedback loops created by mobile phones.
November 2000-December 2000

'Blue skies' projects
Rainbow HaqueRainbow
Reuses rainwater to create urban rainbows above buildings.

Floatable jellyfish-like vessels drift around cities to create temporary, ephemeral zones of privacy: absence of phone calls, emails, sounds, smells and thermal patterns left behind by others.

safely dangerousSafely dangerous vertical playground
A playground of fire, spikes, ladders, slides, trampolines and long, long falls.

Paskian EnvironmentsPaskian Environments
Reconsidering Gordon Pask's work in "interactive environments" to explore the human meaning of "interaction" and "conversation" in an actual built space.
[With Paul Pangaro].
November 2005-ongoing

10001000 (Little Tips of Communication)
A system for technologically-aware bodies in technologically-animated spaces that challenges conventional ubiquitous computing approaches.
[With 5050 ltd].

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