EnvironmentXML is no longer maintained.
It has been deprecated in favour of EEML (Extended Environments Markup Language).
A new Processing library is available for EEML
and existing EnvironmentXML feeds can be translated into EEML by subsituting '/xml/' with '/eeml/' in feed URLs
(e.g. 'http://haque.co.uk/environmentxml/live/eeml/79.xml').


like flickr is for photos, environmentxml is for your data feeds...

More detailed information about why this was set up is available here. However, briefly, the aim of the environmentXML website is to be able to tag and share data (just like you can tag and share photos on flickr).

If you have a project (software or hardware) that is able to serve XML (for example, built in Processing; or using the soon-to-arrive Arduino ethernet, which could be untethered; or even for the moment using an Arduino tethered to Processing) then you can share your data variables with other people and you can also borrow data from their projects in order to make remote connections between projects, devices, objects, environments...

A Processing library and example template are available here: EnvironmentXML processing library. The example should work right out the box with no configuring.

This library makes use of the Processing's net library. XML parsing is based on proXML by Christian Riekoff. As of March 2007, it is no longer necessary to import these into Processing since the relevant classes have been added to the library.

You can receive input XML from the EnvironmentXML website simply by clicking on a location or a tag and then selecting the datastream URL which will serve XML containing various datastreams identified by a number of tags. Paste this URL into the template at the required point.

In order to add your output XML to the EnvironmentXML website you will, for the moment, have to contact me for the URL and password (make sure you know your IP address). It's a pretty straightforward process from that point.

exml [ at ] haque [ dot ] co [ dot ] uk

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